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7 Daily Actions for


1. Lemon Water:  First thing upon rising drink 8oz of water with a squeezed lemon slice.

2. Give thanks for at least one thing your grateful for.

3. Review your compelling reason for better health. State it aloud!

4. Exercise: at your own pace (consult primary health care provider) and your choice of Activities. Suggested, 10 minutes rebounder; 20 minutes Qi Gong. If you choose not to do the Qi Gong then it is highly suggested you do some form of meditation + exercise.

5. Learn and use the Hand Food Proportion guide. Eating every 3 hours to maintain and activate the bodies metabolism. 

6. Consume half your body weight in ounces of water. Example, 130lb. person's half body weight is 65lb.; they would drink 65oz of water daily.

7. Priming Exercise

Congratulations!!! Your on your way to better health and a better life. BUT your not on your own. Join the discussion.

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