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Health is a mindful practice.

If there is one point I could get across to everyone that could make the most difference in your health, It would be that we all must be mindful of what we feed ourselves mentally, spiritually, and yes, what we feed our bodies. We have a say. It is up to us.


The diet I would challenge you to practice is a diet of:

70% plant based 

20% animal protein

10% "healthy" fats


This is actually quite simple when using your individual hand for portion control:

Open hand palm facing skyward for 2-3 portions (handfuls) of fruits and vegetables.

Curl back fingers so finger tips touch palm pads, for 1 portion of complex carbs such as brown rice, white potato with skin, sweet potato, or grains.

Clench fist is for the proteins. Which typically for me is a 4-60z serving. 

Thumb Nail is the portion for fats.

Foods Principals

Foods in general should be warmed versus raw (stemmed 1-2 minutes). If there is an insistence in consuming raw vegetables as in salads use warning vegetables and herbs to aid in the digestion process. Examples would be radishes, ginger, pepper corn, black pepper, red pepper flakes, basil, thyme, cinnamon, ect. 

Foods that Empower

Asparagus, beets,  carrots, cabbage, celery, cucumber, sweet potato, potatoes with skin, legumes (beans), quinoa, brown rice, garlic, onions, 

Apples, avocado, blue berries, bananas, papaya, lemons, limes, oranges,  

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