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I am a believer!

It all started with a toothache, id say about two years ago now... I was stressed, in pain, and literally nearly in tears. Tim kept offering to help prior to this point and I pretty much blew him off thinking that "obviously it wouldn't work" well, out of desperation I said to him to give it a go. Why he was pushing on my wrist when my tooth hurt questioned.. but what happened next I didn't. After feeling my arm go almost numb and a huge sigh my tooth pain went away almost instantly. I give this background information to prove that you do not have to believe in order for this to work. ever since that day I am not only a believer but an advocate for natural healing and positive thinking. tim is an amazing teacher who is absolutely passionate about helping others. I have asked him questions along the way As I am learning more on my own nothing excites him more than me running up to him letting him know new places that my journey has been taking me. I believe that the fact that Tim cares and believes so strongly in this art, and the passion and energy he puts into helping others is what sets him apart. I recommend Tim for any healing, whether it is physical mental or emotional ....because I have seen him in action first hand and since I have been working with him my life has changed. this is not made up....I have purchased my dream house, an exact replica of what I have been picturing all my life, I am calmer and much more confident in the workplace, after purchasing my home I told myself I wanted to adopt a pet who genuinely needed my help...and was blessed with a wonderful dog who has a heart murmur and needs as much love and attention as anyone has to give. Tim jokingly called me miss manifest the other day... and it is true but this would not have been possible without his mentoring me along the way.

Jessica Dicarlo

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