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Detox and Cleansing Drink:

Traditionally for Spring and Fall

This drink is a personal favorite of mine. I use it as a detox for the liver and whole body. It is a 7 day cleanse. I start out with 6oz of the drink the first and second day . The next 5 days drink the whole contents n the morning at least half an hour before any food Juicers are not recommended, I use a ninja bullet or a blender because the pulp is a KEY component for clearing the intestines.


1/8 cup Spinach

1/4 Cucumber

1 Sprig Cilantro

1/2 Granny Smith Apple

8" Celery stalk

Thin slice of Lemmon

3 slices fresh ginger with skin *

Fill 8oz. Spring Water


* for individuals with acid reflux, stomach ulcers, and or burning sensations sub Fresh Mint for the Ginger.

Insure to drink plenty of water to "flush" the bodies pollutants out. See action steps for proper water consumption.

As a Summer or Winter detox

Use the recipe above. ONLY detox for a 3 day period. supplementing with Vitamin C, a B-complex., and Huang Qi (Astragalus). 

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